11 March 2009


how are you this day my beach
you are so silent
coconut trees also do not flow
lazy waves of race
voices do not speak
I lie here on sand
represent the heart of the split
between you and my fisherman husband

(do you know, so when you still like this, my fisherman husband will sail long in the ocean, flirt with the body of the sea that I should not be jealous because she is your sister)

I like wet bath
intercourse earlier in very wet
we lie in breathless
on the limit beetween the sand and waves

you are so jealousy lover my beach
you know the yellow boat that come with dusk orange will bring my fisherman husband who'll in a few hours of making love with me
(and suddenly you lost your silent)
few times you try to sinking him in almost coast lips if I do not just stand there

never mind my love....
I am only with him a while before he returned to the sea,
to your beautiful sister
you need not roar like that inflammation

if the fisherman husband is not home
when he decided to choose sea, your beautiful sister
then each day we will always be together
I will be with you at all times
the time which well named, and which does not
tears is is my hide
because of the fishing village thought I waited for the fisherman husband who never returned...

and when that happens
allow me to cry forever
when I and you,

become us

Jakarta, 11 March 2009
for my parents 37th anniversary

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