25 May 2013

the moment


I was the rain
that fell to ease the tears in your heart
but then I became flood that sank you
I was also sunk

I was the lake
where you cooled down your tiring days
you were swimming to the middle
and drowning
I wailed, mourning on your death
I was also died

I was the wind
blowing and touching your face
but fights changed me to be storm,
 that lifted and slammed you
I was also slammed

then I totally died in my own fear
seeing you were not there anymore
 walked in the dark with sadness and anger

I looked back
recalled a moment,
when time and space were nothing
when I took the chance to grow with you
when then, we are trapped in a painful way to love

the moment and the pain are parts of our journey
also the emptiness in our wounded heart
all those, brought us to nowhere

I lost you


Life becomes harder
I become so mean
no heart
You took it away with you

one day in June
when the sun became so gold
I was sitting under an old big tree
yellow leaves were falling like rain
 a dramatic early evening
it painted your image every where
the moment, that always brings you back
the moment when I realize
I lost you

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