25 November 2011

A Beautiful Poem from My Daughter, Vitae.

I've seen you were destroyed
I ever saw the blood streaming down your soul
I ever saw your face full of tears
I've heard people insulted you
I ever saw you hungry when you were preparing the best for us
I ever felt you warm hug during our sick and a few moments after we recovered you were rushed to the hospital to then be treated in isolation rooms for the same disease but with the suffering that many times from which we suffered

to us, you teach that life only has meaning when it's useful for many people
to us, you teach that fear is the start poin to be brave and courageourages will grow after we succeeded defeated our fears
to us, you teach that to have the world all we havo to do is just read and write, learn and work.

I see how you fight the pain with courage,
I see how you fight the denial by the persistence
I saw you walk out from your silence and reveal your dark history that you think shouldn't be repeated again in ours
when I know what pain you brought this long, I'm grateful that I was born from a very brave and strong mom
she took me and my sister to the stage of proud achievements while she was struggling to overcome a dark room that contains a silent tears in her

time change, I see she launched the books of poetry, reading revival poetries from roads to stages out loud, shouts orations in some rallies, share many things at the podiums and medias, as well as telling stories and testify her horrible histories without any single tears .......

my mama, a single mom who doesn't materially rich
my mama, maybe not as gentle as the mothers in the advertisements of baby products
but near my mama, my sister and I always feel wealthy and owns the world!

Mama ..... sometimes you stop for a moment
when you say that you were tired and exhausted
for days you just shut your self up, laying down and do nothing
i know you are rebooting your self :)

now you're looked exhausted and I often catch you shed a few tears after hearing or reading stories about the victims of violence
I often read your undone graffities which in those you wrote "the kneeling heart of mine” many times .....
I don't really know what it means.....
....and I don't know what to say to describe how proud I am to have you as my role model
because you were not born from the womb that gave you all that you have now in your head and your heart
You reach those all by your self and you always mention that your daughters your best teachers

Mom, you've broken your silences and now you and my new aunts & uncles in your circles fight to break many others silences out there for changes because you said everybody wants to be heard
Do not give up! *
Josh Groban Mode On*


  1. buah jatuh tdk jauh dari pohonnya.
    sista, you are the diamond...

  2. entah nih Sis...tau2 sdh besar & bisa menulis sendiri, pdhal kenikmatan melahirkannya belum masih terasa....